katy. 21. ca, wa, gr.
είμαστε οι πρώτες σταγόνες μιας καταιγιδας που έρχεται.

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a patrick swayze counterpart to my jennifer grey, i.e. i’m going to be baby from dirty dancing for halloween and i need me a johnny.

also i may or may not be on a two-day streak of watching dirty dancing. while drinking red wine. and bawling my eyes out in the closing scene. both nights. unabashedly. 


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Photographs of Morehouse’s Comet, September 1, 1908

i feel like not enough people think about how cool this shit is. like this is a photo. of space. of a comet. and it’s a really good photo. FROM A HUNDRED YEARS AGO.
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By Amanda Watters on Instagram

Pathetic Autumn 
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i miss my home.
But I still dream of running careless through the snow
Through the howling winds that blow
Across the ancient distant flow

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