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a patrick swayze counterpart to my jennifer grey, i.e. i’m going to be baby from dirty dancing for halloween and i need me a johnny.

also i may or may not be on a two-day streak of watching dirty dancing. while drinking red wine. and bawling my eyes out in the closing scene. both nights. unabashedly. 


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i miss my home.

9.08 pm

if today were an object i could hold in my hand, i would slap that object three times, call it very mean and rude names, cast it into the deepest pits of hell, dance on its grave, resurrect it, then repeat the process twelve more times. at least. 

i’m not one for astrology cause it’s a load of bullshit, but mercury needs to get the fuck out of retrograde. this is nonsense.

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10.05 pm

i want to go home
but i don’t know where that is anymore.

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hey remember that one time when i made another tumblr to post shitty poetry and photos to hold my 52 projects and other personal things?

well it still exists at http://kpapoulias.tumblr.com/

just saying. it’s out there. and i’m finally back to updating it so it’s going to be EXCITING.

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9.52 pm

i brushed out my dreads.
it took a month and i cried, and cried, and cried.
and i don’t think anyone really understands how hard it was and is - it wasn’t an impulse decision, but it did and does involve a lot of physical and emotional strength. 

how hard it is to let go of something that has identified you for five years.

how hard it is to learn to love yourself in a new way.

how hard it is to learn how to care for yourself in a new way.

how hard it is to regain confidence.

how hard it is to reinvent yourself.

how hard it is to shed the weight of who you were.

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9.43 pm

i feel like i’ve lost control of a lot of things lately.
and the last national album is hitting a little too close to home.

so i will repeat mantras until i can believe them again.

i am trying to be okay.

"i am good, i am grounded.
davy says that i look taller.
i can’t get my head around it.
i keep feeling smaller and smaller.”

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true life: people like my hair more than they like me

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2.01 pm

sometimes it’s so hard to remember you are valuable and capable and important
when your best friends are living their dreams
(and your dreams)
and you’re so happy for them
but it just reminds you of how much you could be doing
but aren’t.
but didn’t.
but can’t.

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so here’s the thing.

i made another blog.
i’m gonna use it for my own “art” and i’ll use this for more reblogs and rambling and etc. 
so if you ever wanna see any photos or words or other misc. by yours truly, you can find it at kpapoulias.tumblr.com

let’s go?

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