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είμαστε οι πρώτες σταγόνες μιας καταιγιδας που έρχεται.

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9.43 pm

i feel like i’ve lost control of a lot of things lately.
and the last national album is hitting a little too close to home.

so i will repeat mantras until i can believe them again.

i am trying to be okay.

"i am good, i am grounded.
davy says that i look taller.
i can’t get my head around it.
i keep feeling smaller and smaller.”

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true life: people like my hair more than they like me

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2.01 pm

sometimes it’s so hard to remember you are valuable and capable and important
when your best friends are living their dreams
(and your dreams)
and you’re so happy for them
but it just reminds you of how much you could be doing
but aren’t.
but didn’t.
but can’t.

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so here’s the thing.

i made another blog.
i’m gonna use it for my own “art” and i’ll use this for more reblogs and rambling and etc. 
so if you ever wanna see any photos or words or other misc. by yours truly, you can find it at kpapoulias.tumblr.com

let’s go?

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12.25 am

i will continue to listen to amanda palmer’s “in my mind” until i believe it.

i am exactly the person that i want to be.
i am exactly the person that i want to be.
i am exactly the person that i want to be.

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10.47 am

current mood: oh god oh god oh god what am i doing with my life 

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Things I learned at Christmas:
Everyone sucks except for Katy.

best friend <3

11.42 pm

wow for a second there i forgot my identity as a straight up badass and almost started being sad, good thing angry girl playlists on 8tracks have helped me remember how dumb boys are and how FUCKING AMAZING i am.

no self hate allowed. NOPE. NOT ANYMORE.

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7.42 pm

today is my birthday! i’m 21!
(and studying for a fossil record exam, oh well.)

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1.44 am

i have reached the point in the semester where i am unable to form coherent sentences the majority of the time and am unfamiliar with the notion of getting eight hours of sleep.

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